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Michelin Starred Chefs Cook Beef in Many Ways

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Michelin Starred Chefs Cook Beef in Many Ways

We’ve already focused on some common ingredients with our ‘Michelin Chefs Cook’ series - a collection of pieces showing some of the world’s best chefs cooking with common ingredients that we use all the time in the kitchen.

In the last collection we looked at chocolate and in the latest collection below we’re looking at beef in many different forms.

From a perfectly cooked steak to a psychedelic veal and a crystal clear consommé - this is a collection of some of the best chefs in the world as they of focus in on the most popular of the red meats.

First up is Heston Blumenthal with his top tips and tricks for cooking a perfect steak:

Following Blumenthal we head to Italy and the kitchen of Massimo Bottura as the charismatic chef explains his famous psychedelic veal dish - ok, it’s not beef by definition but it’s one hell of a beautiful dish.

Dry rubs can add a whole new style of play when it comes to cooking beef at home and this video shows Tom Kerridge as he adds a whole new layer of flavour to a set of beef ribs.

We couldn’t bring you a beef run down without looking at burger and for this we’ve stepped away from the Michelin kitchen for the in-depth video recipes of ChefSteps who have created an entire masterclass on cooking burger.

We finish with one of the masters of the kitchen, Michel Roux Jnr, as he shows you how to make a perfectly clear beef consommé.

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