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Michel Troisgros in Pics and Video

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Michel Troisgros in Pics and Video

Chef Michel Troisgros, who has been named best chef in the world 2018 by Le Chef, is no stranger to accolades.

The Troisgros family, one of France’s most famous culinary dynasties, has held three Michelin stars at their flagship restaurant, originally in Roanne, but recently relocated down the road to Ouches, since 1968.

Michel took over the family business in the 1980s and has since opened a sister restaurant in Tokyo, which currently holds two Michelin stars. His sons César and Léo are the fourth generation of the Troisgros to enter the culinary world, while his brother Claude runs the acclaimed Olympe restaurant in Rio.

In honour of this, take a look at some of Troisgros’ amazing work, both from Le Bois sans Feuilles in Ouches and Cuisine(s) Michel Troisgros in Tokyo, below. Also, halfway down is a video of Troisgros making the family's famous salmon and sorell dish, which has been on the menu since his father and uncle, brothers Pierre and Jean Troisgros, were in the kicthen.  

Images: Le Bois sans Feuilles/Facebook/Michelin Guide/Cuisines(s) Michel Troisgros

Le Bois sans Feuilles

Left to right: César and Michel Troisgros

Cuisine(s) Michel Troisgros

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