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Memorial Day Cooking: Grilled Fish Recipes

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Memorial Day Cooking: Grilled Fish Recipes
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Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to dust off the grill and host a family barbecue. These grilled fish recipes provide a good alternate to burgers and steaks. Ready to get started?

For a nice barbecue spread, we recommend preparing grilled salmon with shrimp and vegetables. This medley is full of Mediterranean flavors like lemon and olive oil.

These grilled tuna skewers brighten up the palate thanks to a ginger-orange marinade. They are best served wtih a side of couscous infused with orange zest, almonds and parsley.

If you're a fan of Italian food you'll enjoy these grilled sardines. This wonderful fish dish is laced with lemon, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and thyme - a perfect pairing with white wine.

While you're at it, why not throw some oysters on the grill? Here's a great recipe from Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson. For more exciting culinary ideas, swing by our Recipes section.

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