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Savory Fruit Salads: Melon Salad Recipes For Summer Dining

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Savory Fruit Salads: Melon Salad Recipes For Summer Dining

Melon and prosciutto: it’s an Italian staple. The sweet and savoury flavors dance on the plate and marry beautifully. It makes a perfect starter or side salad. 

Why not use that famous combo as inspiration for other melon salad recipes? We’ll show you how to combine watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe and other melons with flavourful ingredients like cheese, seafood, herbs and spices.

A savoury melon salad will make your summer dining much more interesting. Let’s take a look:

Savory Fruit Salads: Fun Melon Salad Recipes

Watermelon Shrimp Salad Recipe 

Watermelon, shrimp and mozzarella? It works! The shrimp can be sautéed or grilled then tossed with pearls of mozzarella, cubed watermelon and fresh basil. A zesty honey lemon dressing adds zing to this creative salad.

Get the full melon salad recipe here.

Melon Salad Recipe with Cucumber and Feta

The great thing about this melon salad recipe is that any melon will do. In this case, cantaloupe is combined with the cucumber, lime, olive oil and feta. This sweet and savoury fruit salad is a refreshing and hydrating treat perfect for hot summer days.

Find the recipe right this way.

Melon Salad with Mozzarella, Rocket and Ham

Scooped cantaloupe balances the savoury notes in fresh mozzarella, Serrano ham and arugula. A drizzle of a fresh honey mustard dressing brings it all together.

Interested? Get this melon salad recipe now.

Watermelon Gazpacho

This is a fun take on the Spanish classic that is usually made with tomatoes. Chopped watermelon is paired with yellow bell pepper, cucumbers, red onions and white wine.

It’s a vibrant melon salad that keeps well at room temperature.

Here’s the full recipe.

Still hungry? Here’s a lowdown of different ways to prepare gazpacho.

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