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Have The Munchies? Try the Megaburgerpizza!

By FDL on

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Have The Munchies? Try the Megaburgerpizza!

We knew it was just a matter of time before the cronut burger was upstaged. Behold the Megaburgerpizza, a monstrous creation for those times when you can't make up your mind between pizza and a cheeseburgers.

The Megaburgerpizza is a Japanese creation and features two 14 oz. grilled beef patties with cheese sandwiched between two 11'' pizza pies. It weighs a total of 2.5 pounds and has all the burger fixings - including onions and pickles!

For now, you'll only be able to enjoy the Megaburgerpizza at the Little Pizza Parlor in Kyoto for about $26. But don't despair, if the cronut mania has taught us anything is that imitators will soon follow.

Via Design Taxi

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