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Understanding Medicinal and Wild Plants

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Understanding Medicinal and Wild Plants

Andrea Pieroni is an Italian scientist who has spent the past fifteen years researching human ecology, ethnobiology and ethnomedicine with a particular focus on wild food and medicinal plants.

Speaking at the Mad Food Camp, Pieroni discussed his work and the importance of nine friends who helped him understand the importance of bringing science to a more basic level of human understanding.

The lecture is about bio-cultural diversities and how Pieroni's work has been influenced through opening a dialogue between science and the traditional knowledge of cooks, farmers, producers and medicinal workers who have picked up knowledge through their work.

He also talks about his Italian love for grannies and three women who particularly changed the way he looked at the biocultural world around him.

Pieroni is a man with an extensive knowledge of plant cultures and this is just a glimpse into some of his research and findings.

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