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5 Meatless Noodle Recipes in under 30 Minutes

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5 Meatless Noodle Recipes in under 30 Minutes

Looking for some inspiration on Meatless Monday? Then look no further. We have collected 5 easy noodle recipes that can be conjured in less than 30 minutes cooking time using either Thai, Chinese and Japanese flavours that pack a punch.

Choose between rice or egg noodles, or if you are looking for a lighter alternative you could always try making your own vegetable noodles.

1) Pad Thai Noodles (image above)

An absolute classic, Pad Thai never fails to please, and in just 10 minutes cooking time you'll have a tasty bowl of fragrant noodles infront of you to enjoy. 

2) Egg noodles with tofu and vegetables

This simple dish concentrates chinese flavours and basic vegetables giving you the opportunity to add more or diversify once you've created the basic flavours.

3) Wasabi noodles with beans and tofu

Japanese inspired flavours of tofu, wasabe and beans, this is an easy vegan dish with a difference.

4) Chinese noodles with mushrooms

Mushrooms take centre stage in this tasty chinese dish, a great appetizer for vegans with plenty of flavour. Actual cooking time is only 10 minutes but you will need to allow an hour for preperation beforehand to allow the flavours to infuse before adding the noodles.

5) Green thai vegetables with coconut and rice noodles

Another easy fragrant Thai dish,  a great way to stock up on your daily intake of green veg.

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