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Meatless Monday: Simple Dinner Ideas

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Meatless Monday: Simple Dinner Ideas
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Happy Meatless Monday! Have you given any thought to what you'll have for dinner tonight? We're happy to lend a helping hand. These vegetarian recipes offer simple dinner ideas you can try tonight.

Simple Dinner Idea #1

Make yourself a salad of mixed greens with apples and dates. It's a refreshing combination that would pair well with an asparagus frittata. This combo also works well for an easy lunch.

Simple Dinner Idea #2

Prepare an appetizer of Italian crostini with olives followed by a hearty serving of spicy pasta with tomatoes. Throw in a side salad and you'll be ready to go. 

Simple Dinner Idea #3

If you're in the mood for Asian, try this delectable dim sum with spinach and mung beans. Accompany with a tofu vegan stir fry and you'll be a happy camper.

Hungry for dessert? Give your Meatless Monday feast a sweet ending with tiramisu with lavender or a strawberry lasagna. Discover more great options in our Recipes section.

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