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Meatless Monday Grilling Recipes

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Meatless Monday Grilling Recipes
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Who says you can't grill on Meatless Monday? Save those burgers and hot dogs for another time and enjoy these delicious vegetarian grilling recipes instead.

If you'd kill for a burger, why not enjoy this meatless chickpea burger? Packed with vegetables and flavor, you won't miss all the fat in traditional burgers and you'll still get your fix.

To really kick things up make this grilled vegetable lasagna. It's super easy to make - after grilling the veggies just stack them together neatly and devour. Even the kids can help with this one!

For a sweet ending, throw some pineapple on the grill. These pineapple skewers caramelize beautifully and are nice with a side of homemade ice cream.

Don't forget to round off your barbecue with a few salads and drinks fit for the grilling extravaganza. For more tasty meatless ideas, swing by our Recipes section.

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