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7 Easy Egg Recipes for Meatless Monday

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7 Easy Egg Recipes for Meatless Monday
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Eggs are the perfect addition to a vegetarian meal marrying flavor and nutrition. Aside from making omelettes and egg salad, we thought we'd give you a hand by suggesting other easy egg recipes.

Buying eggs with ethical credentails can get confusing with so much terminology - but if you go for certified organic it means you are assured that the laying hens conditions must meet specific standards including an organic diet and being uncaged with acess to outdoor areas.

Take a look at this selection of egg recipes from huevos rancheros with eggs baked into a spicy tomato sauce to having a go at making your own fresh pasta, there are plenty of easy egg recipes to satisfy you on Meatless Monday.


For the perfect start to the day, or even a comforting evening meal try these amazing eggs in a chilli, tomato and capsicum sauce.

Egg Salad with Pita Bread

Try eggs for lunch in a healthy pita bread that will satisfy those mid day cravings and keep you full until dinner time.


Egg noodles are a delicious way to enjoy Chinese style dishes, topped off with tofu and vegetables in this case.

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onions

Try this basic fried rice recipe with a simple flavouring of spring onions, or get creative and add your favourite ingredients to this classic Chinese food.

Egg and Wild Herb Bake

Look for an easy packed lunch option or a brunch dish? Try this easy egg bake recipe, with wild herbs.

Crustless Mini Quiche with Mushrooms and Pine Nuts

Mini quiches are the perfect pack up or bite sized snacek. Try this recipe with mozzarella, mushroom and pine nuts for an Italian themed lunch,

Passatelli Homemade Pasta

If you've always wanted to try your hand at homemade pasta why not give this easy Passatelli Recipe by Chiara Maci, Italian from Bologna.

More: Need more vegetarian recipes? We suggest you visit our entire collection of Meatless Monday recipes - there's something for everyone.



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