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Enjoy Tasty Meatballs With Herbs And Rosemary

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Enjoy Tasty Meatballs With Herbs And Rosemary
Photo Katrin Morenz / Flickr

Meatballs get an herbal kick from rosemary in this easy yet tasty meatball recipe. Rosemary is a hearty herb that holds up well to meat, especially when grilling. In this case, it lends its aromatic flavor to juicy and tender meatballs.

While rosemary is the star herb of this meatball recipe, thyme and bay leaves hold a supporting role. Cooking with herbs does more than just add flavor, you also get a health boost. Rosemary and bay leaves are chock-full of antioxidants and thyme has antiseptic properties.

To add even more herbal goodness to your meal, try pairing these rosemary-scented meatballs with ravioli with ricotta and wild herbs. Scoop up any extra sauce on your plate with traditional Italian bread.

Buon appetito!

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