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A Meatball Sub Recipe to Try at Home

By FDL on

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A Meatball Sub Recipe to Try at Home
Photo Helen Graves

Replicating famous chain's foods is nothing new - there's hundreds of blogs around that try to offer homemade recipes for classic dishes such as KFC chicken and Pizza Hut pizza. But the most recent one to catch our eye is a recipe from Food Stories writer Helen ( who has created a homemade meatball sub recipe.

She has been perfecting the sub recipe for making a homemade meatball marinara sub, one of Subway's most popular sandwiches. This was a serious project sparked from Helen's hankering for meatballs and led her to create what looks like one very tasty meatball sub recipe.

So without further a do here's Helen's post and recipe for homemade meatball Marinara sub. Calories maybe high and it's not necessarily the refined dining we're used to at FDL but this looks like one seriously tasty sandwich - a prime post for today's Best of the Blogs.

Source: Helen's MeatBall Sub

Twitter: @foodstories

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