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Heat Your Meat: All About Meat Thermometers

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Heat Your Meat: All About Meat Thermometers

The secret to a succulent steak? Being cooked to perfection. All for that, all you need to do is learn to use “meat thermometers”​, which will help satisfy the most demanding meat lovers, and keep your dinner bacteria-free.

The most suitable kind of thermometer is the kind that gets inserted, thicker end inside the meat and kept away from the bone, before cooking, so that you can check its temperature at any time during cooking. The “instant” models, instead, are inserted into the meat while it’s already being cooked, and takes just a few seconds to give a reading.

A bit skeptical about their accuracy? Don’t worry, just keep in mind that there’s a margin of error that could vary by a couple of degrees, maximum. So keep your eye on the thermometer, and make sure you know how your guests like their steaks cooked – remembering that the ideal temperature is 160°F.

One of the most highly-recommended is the Sur La Table Instant-Read Flip Thermometer: simple, precise and very handy – and costs around 15 dollars.
One of the ones to avoid is the Farberware Quick Read Fork Thermometer: it’s hard to read and is too thick, which could damage the meat.

Still craving for a succulent steak? Here you find some tips to learn how to cook the perfect steak, using science in the kitchen.

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