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Raw Meat Birthday Cakes are Trending in Japan

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Raw Meat Birthday Cakes are Trending in Japan
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Birthdays have taken something of a meaty turn in Japan, where raw meat cakes are currently all the rage.

Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurants are offering the meat cakes, made entirely of high quality beef, chicken or pork to diners complete with candles and birthday messages. The cakes are then dismantled and cooked in front of guests.

As you can see from the pics below, some are certainly more elegant than others. It might seem like a strange trend, but meat in Japan is seen as much more of a treat than it is in the West, the kind of thing you save for, oh, a birthday perhaps.

We don’t know quite what to make of it: some of the meat looks great, including the Kobe beef, but we’d prefer to skip straight to the cooking part – it's kind of ruining our memories of childhood birthday parties.

At least they aren’t iced.

Here’s another food trend from Japan – omurice



和牛特選赤身と、生で食べられる最高鮮度の牛タンを使った「肉ケーキ」。 “サプライズで面白くて美味しくて喜んでもらえるものを出したい”という店長の試みで生まれたものなんです。 もはやアートなお肉♪♪ 歓送迎会や記念日に肉好きなあの人にぜひ! * ●詳細はプロフィールのURLから! 🍴お店#赤もんたん #赤もんたん大名店 中央区大名1-11-23 1F #ナッセ3月号 #ナッセ福岡 #ナッセ #グルメ #福岡 #福岡グルメ #福岡ごはん #肉 #肉ケーキ #和牛 #牛タン #歓送迎会 #サプライズ #大名 #天神 #nassefukuoka #gourmet #fukuoka #hakata #tenjin #beef #meatcake

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