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3 Star Sushi Chef Shows His Great Burger Technique

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3 Star Sushi Chef Shows His Great Burger Technique
Some might be taken aback to hear that Michelin-starred chef Masa Takayama, known for the first Japanese restaurant in the USA to be awarded three stars, has a burger on the menu of one of his restaurants. However, these burgers are one-of-a-kind.
Takayama uses a Nambu cast iron pan with spikes. Nambu cast pans are lighter than other cast iron pans and therefore easier to use, the heat is evenly distributed and it has a non-stick coating. The added spikes pierce through the patty preventing the meat from drying out while cooking. He uses the Nambu pan on the grill with the spikes on the bottom sending the heat through the meat. 
Chef Masa likes to keep it simple when it comes to making a burger and thinks the only addition should be cheese, no condiments! To add that smokey BBQ taste he burns some wooden chopsticks and passes the burger over it. 
Watch the video and see how its done, why not take some notes for your next BBQ.

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