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The Easiest Marinade Recipe You'll Ever Make

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The Easiest Marinade Recipe You'll Ever Make

You know marinades tenderize and add flavor to meats...but which one should you use? Is there a universal marinade recipe you could use for veggies, steak and chicken? Absolutely! 

You'll never have to resort to store-bought marinades when you master this easy marinade recipe that calls for just three ingredients: oil, vinegar and seasonings. The basic ratio is two parts oil to one part vinegar and a tablespoon of your favorite spice mix. If you are familiar with making vinaigrette then blending marinade from scratch will be a cinch.

Below you'll find a basic marinade recipe that can be tailored to suit your needs. It's great on everything and the trick is in changing up the spice mix according to what's on the menu. Making Indian-inspired chicken? Try flavoring the marinade with chili powder, garam masala, chilies and turmeric. Grilling steak? Add a tablespoon of steak rub or a blend of black pepper, ground cumin, garlic powder and herbs. You catch the drift...just let the marinade be your canvas.

Check out how it's done:

Via Orson H. Gygi Co./YouTube

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