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8 Mardi Gras Foods Anyone Can Make at Home

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8 Mardi Gras Foods Anyone Can Make at Home

Bringing a taste of New Orleans into your home is as easy as preparing any of these Mardi Gras foods. They festive dishes feature classic Louisiana flavors, Cajun spices and perfectly balanced sweetness in the case of desserts like King cake and beignets.

Take your pick from jambalaya, gumbo, po' boys and much more!

Eat a Po' Boy: A Classic Mardi Gras Food

Nothing says New Orleans like a po' boy. This classic Louisiana sandwich is composed of a baguette-style bread filled with crispy seafood or roast beef, lettuce and a creamy mayo sauce. 

Any seafood may be used but oysters, shrimp, crawfish and crab are favorites. The best part is you can eat this sandwich on the go and it pairs perfectly with beer.

If you are ready to take the plunge you can begin by preparing a fried-oyster po' boy (pictured above) or a shrimp po' boy served with coleslaw (pictured below).

Now, here's a fun twist on a classic po' boy for all you chicken lovers out there: make your very own chicken po' boy prepared with a colorful and creamy coleslaw.

Muffulettas: Another New Orleans Favorite

Po' boys are delicious but if you are looking to sink your teeth into a meatier sandwich then say hello to the king of the all: the muffuletta.

This towering sandwich with Italian origins has a hearty filling of mortadella, salami, ham and provolone cheese layered with pickled olives and onions. All served over Sicilian sesame bread.

Make your own muffuletta recipe with this recipe.

Spice Things Up With Jambalaya

Jambalaya is another New Orleans favorite that is a must when you visit the city. 

This dreamy blend of shrimp, sausage (sometimes chicken), veggies, rice and Cajun spices is something you'll love as soon as you take the first bite. Plus, it's easy to prepare.

Make your own Mardi Gras feast with jambalaya.

Get Your Gumbo: A Mardi Gras Favorite

Gumbo is a hearty stew prepared with a dark roux, okra and diced celery, bell peppers and onions as a base.

Cajun spices are added to the mix, as are shrimp, chicken and sausage. It's an outstanding dish perfect served over white rice.

Learn how to make this classic Mardi Gras food

Mardi Gras Foods: Festive Desserts

A Mardi Gras feast isn't complete without beignets. These tasty pastries are essentially fried dough topped with icing sugar. You'll love their pillowy texture and they go great with coffee.

Here's how to make beignets at home.

To really bring some Mardi Gras magic to your party why not prepare a classic King Cake? This colorful treat traditionally features a plastic baby inside but this recipe doesn't call for it:

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