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Watch Marco Pierre White Make Perfect Pork Crackling

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Watch Marco Pierre White Make Perfect Pork Crackling
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Soft, moist pork belly topped with crispy crackling, doused with a meaty gravy – the flavours and textures are hard to beat. And this is exactly the kind of pork perfection we see Marco Pierre White preparing in the video below (up to 3.35), taken from Marco’s Great British Feast.

Pierre White glazes his crackling with honey, star anise and cracked coriander, and the result is golden, crispy and almost unbearably delicious-looking. He then serves with skin-on roast onions.

The inspiration for the dish comes from his father he explains, who would always choose pork belly over premium cuts at the butcher's because it was cheaper and more flavoursome. Watching him slice through that pork, an image that will be pleasurably burned onto our retinas for some time to come, it’s difficult to argue with White Snr’s logic.

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