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Maple Cream: the Sweet Dairy Free Breakfast Spread of Dreams

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Maple Cream: the Sweet Dairy Free Breakfast Spread of Dreams

Did you know that maple syrup, the star topping drizzled onto pancakes, can also be turned into a smooth and unctuous dairy free and fat free spread? FineDiningLovers are here to explain how maple cream, also known as maple butter or maple spread, is made and how to use it in the kitchen.

What is Maple Cream?

Maple cream is a semi-solid paste made solely from maple syrup. Despite its name, which hints at dairy, it's actually dairy free, and not only that, it's also fat free as well as containing only sugar from the syrup.

How Do you Make Maple Cream or Maple Butter?

To make your maple cream:

1. Simply bring some maple syrup to a boil at 112 ° C.

2. Then cool the syrup syrup  to 5 ° C. in an ice bath or a cold water bath, in order to avoid the crystallization of the sugar and to increase its viscosity.

3. Finally heat to 15 ° C stirring until the consistency is creamy.

Note that maple syrup with a low sugar content (less than 1%) yeilds a more stable cream.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Maple Cream?

With no added fat or milk, maple cream boasts exactly the same nutritional qualities as maple syrup. It's also rich in mineral salts, potassium, magnesium and manganese.

How to use Maple Cream?

Thanks to its spreadable consistency maple cream is a perfect companion to toast or croissants, much like jam. It can also be used as a sweet molten heart in muffins or to add a twist to crème brûlée. That's if you can resist simply eating it by the spoonful! Try experimenting if you have any left, and using instead of frosting or butter in your bakng decoration.

Have you discovered maple water, the must know superfood? 

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