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2 Failproof Mango Sorbet Recipes and More Sorbet Tips

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2 Failproof Mango Sorbet Recipes and More Sorbet Tips

Looking for healthier dessert options that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters? Fruit sorbet is always a great idea, especially as the weather gets warmer. A bright, fruity sorbet can not only get everyone excited for the last course of a meal but can also act as a palate cleanser between dishes. 

Sorbet is usually made with very simple ingredients, consisting of fruit, sugar and water. It is therefore the lighter frozen treat option, as opposed to ice cream or gelato which contain milk or cream. Sorbet made this way is also gluten and dairy free, making your life easier when you have to cater to different dietary requirements of dinner party guests.  

There are two ways to make sorbet. One is using an ice cream maker, the other, by hand. An ice cream maker will definitely save you time and energy, but sorbets don’t require half as much as effort as ice cream does and therefore can easily be made by hand. 

The trick is to freeze the prepared sorbet mixture for an hour first, then to vigorously whisk the half-frozen sorbet. This process breaks up the ice crystals to make them smaller. The type of fruit and how much moisture it contains will determine how many times you will have to repeat the whisking process. 

How to Make Mango Sorbet

Cool down with a delicious mango sorbet using our recipes for Mango Sorbet with Marinated Orange, and Mango Sorbet with Raspberry and Basil.

For any mango sorbet recipe, you can use both fresh, ripe mangoes or frozen mango. The mango is cut into cubes and is blitzed in the food processor along with any other ingredients. When going for frozen mango, simplify your work by choosing pre-cut mango pieces. 

These recipes are flexible: simple syrup or sugar in both recipes can be omitted if you wish to avoid additional sugar. Water can be substituted for lemon or lime juice. 

The remaining process consists of placing the sorbet mixture into the ice cream maker and allowing it to churn for 15-20 minutes. The soft mango sorbet is then taken to the freezer and left for 3-4 hours. 

If you are following our recipes and wish to make mango sorbet without the ice cream maker, follow these steps:

  • Mix and blend the ingredients such as mango, water as indicated in the recipe

  • Place the sorbet mixture in the freezer for about an hour

  • Take it out every 30 minutes or so to whisk vigorously until fully frozen. This breaks down the larger ice crystals to ensure a more homogenous, creamy texture. 

See the full recipes:

Mango Sorbet with Marinated Orange

Orange segments marinated in an orange liqueur (Grand Marnier) adds a grown-up touch to an otherwise simple frozen treat. 

Mango Sorbet with Rasperry and Basil

Fresh basil leaves are the perfect herby addition to a sweet, refreshing dessert. 

From cucumber to champage, we have some other amazing sorbet recipes. Check them out here!


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