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Mango-Ginger Granita Recipe (Video)

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Mango-Ginger Granita Recipe (Video)
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Ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato are at the top of any list of refreshing summer treats. But have you given any thought to making granita? As you'll see in the video below, it doesn't take much to master making Italian ice.

This mango-ginger granita recipe from Jelly Jan is incredibly simple, perhaps even easier to make than ice cream. All you'll need is sugar, lemon, ginger, mango and patience (as you'll have to wait for your dessert to freeze overnight).

Once the liquid ingredients are frozen solid, you'll get to have fun scraping it with a fork. This will be key to making that slushy ice granitas are known for. You may want to recruit a second pair of hands for this task.

Ready for this fabulous granita recipe? Watch and get the full recipe from YouTube. If you are interested in making more flavors, we recommend starting with a traditional lemon granita.

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