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Making Noodles: Watch Artistry in Motion

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Making Noodles: Watch Artistry in Motion

Sometimes it's great to take a behind the scenes look at the way in which food arrives on our plate and remind or inform ourselves as to how it's actually made, especially when it comes to something simple like: making noodles.

Here's a great authentic film that takes a behind the scenes look at the traditional way of making noodles capturing the beauty of the manual work and process behind the beloved ingredient, which proves to be far more complex than we could have imagined.

The sheer number of processes from working the dough, to the evolving delicate strands is reflected by the changing sky in this charming video where manual dexterity, patience, and a large back yard seem to be the key ingredients.

So next time you chow down your chow mein spare a thought for the workhorse of the dish ... the noodles.

Take a look at pure food artistry in motion:

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