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Try These Tips For Making Restaurant-Style Milkshakes

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Try These Tips For Making Restaurant-Style Milkshakes

We've been obsessed with making milkshakes since feasting our eyes on these massive everything-but-the-kitchen-sink milkshakes being sold in New York City. Naturally, we craved thick, creamy and luscious concoctions we could make at home.

Black Tap milkshakes

If you've ever tried to recreate a restaurant-style milkshake at home you'll know that the biggest obstacle is getting the ratios just right. Add too much milk and you'll end up with a thin drink that is not too appealing. Add too much ice cream and you may not be able to get the blender to process it all.

Well, thanks to the folks at Blendtec those problems are yesterday's news. Their helpful infographic illustrates every step of the process for making a luxurious restaurant-style milkshakes you can jazz up with any of your favorite toppings like crushed cookies, caramel, cherries and much more.

Plus, you'll get the scoop on four decadent milkshake recipes made with favorites like Girl Scout cookies, Nutella and chocolate chip cookie dough. Take a look:


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