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8 Tips For Making Perfect Meringue | Video

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8 Tips For Making Perfect Meringue | Video
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Have you ever ventured into making meringue only to be frustrated by the results? Let London's Meringue Girls, who are known for creating colorful meringue kisses that melt in your mouth, lend you a helping hand.

In this video from Sorted Food, the Meringue Girls (Stacey and Alex) show you a few tips and tricks for making meringue like a pro every time. They even share their secrets for acquiring their signature rainbow look and infusing your meringues with awesome flavors like watermelon, pistachio and beet root and chocolate.

Our favorite tip from the girls? Heating up sugar in the oven before adding it to the egg whites one teaspoon at a time. Watch below for more meringue advice and swing by Sorted Food to get the stellar recipe for watermelon kisses.

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