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Tips For Making The Best Cold Brew Tea

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Tips For Making The Best Cold Brew Tea

The words ‘cold brew’ immediately conjure images of iced coffee. But did you know that same method yields the most delicious iced tea?

Cold brewed tea has a more delicate flavor and is less bitter than the traditional hot steeped tea. Here’s why: the lower temperatures prevent the tea from releasing all of the harsh tannins that result in a bitter taste.

The best thing about the process of making cold brew tea? There’s no need to turn on the stove which is such a relief in the dead of summer. Of course, there will be some waiting involved but the end result is so worth it.

Tips for Making The Best Cold Brewed Tea

  • Use cold filtered water
  • Use a glass jar or container
  • Add one tea bag (or one tablespoon of loose leaf tea) for every cup of water 
  • Cover and refrigerate overnight

Need to see the whole process in action? Watch Thomas Joseph from Everyday Food explain how cold brewed tea works:

Once you are a pro at making cold brew tea then you may want to experiment by adding citrus zest, herbs like mint or basil or sliced peaches to your tea while it steeps.

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