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Become a Coffee Master with These ChefSteps Classes

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Become a Coffee Master with These ChefSteps Classes

How do you like your coffee in the morning? Whatever your preference it’s probably safe to say that most people prefer the drink at their local coffee place than the one they make at home.

This is because they’re the pros, they have the fresh roasted beans, the perfect machine and the practice of brewing a thousand cups a day, but this doesn’t mean you can’t brew a great tasting cup yourself at home.

With a little help from the experts at you can get to brewing some wonderful cups of coffee - trust us, they know their stuff and have produced a number of different guides relating to coffee.

The first is an Espresso class that covers everything from defining the drink, to some great recipes and how to pull the perfect shot. The Art of Extraction set of classes includes 12 HD videos and is completely free to enroll. Below is an example of a video from the espresso myths part of the program in which the team debunk some common misunderstanding in regards to espresso.

For those wanting to truly perfect their brewing methods, there is also a collection of video classes and step-by-step technique guides on everything coffee. These classes go into detail about all aspects of coffee and are sure to turn you into the best barista in your block.

It costs $14 to enroll in this set of classes that include 12 HD videos and four recipes for cooking with coffee, plus more great tips for perfecting your morning cup. Check out this recipe for Liar’s Latte which is also included in the classes.

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