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7 Elegant Main Dish Recipes For Christmas Dinner

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7 Elegant Main Dish Recipes For Christmas Dinner
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When it comes to holiday entertaining, you'll want to serve your guests food that is not only delicious but also beautiful on a plate.

Whilst a whole roasted turkey might be the natural choice, don’t feel restricted by tradition. If there are less of you dining or you fancy mixing up the menu this year we have some great elegant main course recipes Christmas dinner ideas.

From glazed ham to duck with pomegranate sauce there's a meaty main that might distract you from the turkey. And if not, we've got great simple recipes for roast turkey with stuffing and an Italian Capon to try out.

Have a look at this elegant selection that will satisfy even the most discerning palates on the big day itself.

Smoked Glazed Ham

Treat your Christmas dinner guests to a mouthwatering honey-glazed ham they'll remember well into the New Year.

Goose Breast with Dried Apricots

If you fancy a change from turkey on christmas day goose is the natural alternative. Try cooking up these succulent goose breasts before attempting a whole bird to see if it takes your Christmas fancy.

Roast Turkey with Stuffing

Fancy taking your chances on the most iconic Christmas dish there is. This turkey recipe is all for the taking with a simple tasty stuffing.

Beef Wellington

Who can resist tender beef wrapped in a flaky puff pastry puff? It's the perfect holiday main course.

Roast Capon

This Tuscan specialty will bring Italian flair to your gathering - be sure to have enough wine to pass around.

Wild Boar in Chianti Sauce

This robust main course is perfect for meat lovers seeking an alternative to poultry or ham for the holidays.

Duck Breast with Pomegranate 

Cooks short on time will appreciate this recipe of juicy duck breast paired with a pomegranate-honey sauce.


Need more help in the kitchen? Feast your eyes on these delectable Christmas dinner ideas.

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