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Mad Men Party Tips: Three of the best

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Mad Men Party Tips: Three of the best

Mad Men party fever is has certainly arrived with cookbooks, themed parties, ice creams, cocktails and a whole array of blog posts professing to have all the tips to help you party like "Mad Men".

The series, which centers on a group of advertising extecutives at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, has caught the imagination of the masses and as the world tunes in to the first episode of season five on Sunday, we're pretty sure there's going to be lots of oysters, party nuts, cheese sticks, cocktails and of course lots of Don Draper's favoured drinks.

With the sheer volume of blogs offering Mad Men party tips getting a little overwhelming we thought we'd bring you three of the best Mad Men party posts:

The Party
With lots of people across America expected to throw premiere parties the news channel CBS have made a great post with some top tips and recipes for the perfect Mad Men party food. Including Roger Sterling's Party Nuts, Don Draper's Cheater Cheese Straws and Joan Harris' Famous Ginger Snap.

The look
Of course no self respecting 60s advertising exec would arrive at a party without wearing his sunday best. And this Sunday's parties are expected to encourage lots of people to dress up. But how do you look as dapper as Don or a sexy as Joan ? For the men there's a great post from Mensfitness detailing Don's style and some tips to emulate his slick look. For the ladies there's this video, it's cheesier than Don's cheese straws but offers some good fashion tips...

The Drink
Drink plays a much bigger role in the series than food - with Don constantly cuddling a glass of whiskey and some rather lavish cocktails appearing throughout the show - whether it's the The Dick Whitman, The Holoway or the Cucumber Collins - MSNBC have posted a nice collection of Mad Men Cocktail recipes and let's be honest - No Mad Men party would be complete without a tipple or ten...

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