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6 Handy Guides to Storing Food Correctly

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6 Handy Guides to Storing Food Correctly
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Over the holiday season it's easy to over buy on groceries and end up with a lot of extra food knocking around. We stock up on fresh food, cater for larger numbers of people and probably overestimate just how much we really need to feed family and friends.

Learning how to store your food correctly will not only keeps it from spoiling for longer but also save you from wasted expenditure. We have collated some useful infographics below with some top tips from how best to store dried and perishable goods to how best to manage your fridge and freezer. Applying some of the rules, you'll optimise the longevity of your food and minimise on throwing food in the trash, keeping more pennies in your pocket and a more festive spirit all round.


This great infographic lists nearly 60 everyday ingredients and offers guidance on where to store, how to store and just how long each ingredient will stay fresh. All the pantry essentials are covered from fruits and vegetables to bacon, eggs, cheese and bread. See if you've been using the right storage option, choosing between the fridge, freezer, a dark pantry, or just on the countertop.

2) How to Store Food in the Fridge

When it comes to storing food in the fridge there are a number of factors to take into account to maximise the potential of your cold storage. A logic applies to where certain categories of food should be stored in the fridge, as well as ensuring the efficiency of your fridge isn't overlooked.

3) Freezer Foods

Freezing food can increase its shelf life considerably, from freezing a standard loaf of bread to individual portions of home cooked fare to enjoy another time. Learn some freezer management techniques in this handy infographic from what you can and can't freeze and for how long.

4) How to Store 42 Fresh Foods Properly

This clear infographic lists a range of fresh foods from asparagus to zucchini and a number of ways in which you should store them. While most of it might seem like common sense it's not always clear cut when it comes to fruit that needs ripening time. Take a look and see if you've got it right.

5) How to Organise A Fridge

Opening a well ordered fridge is always satisfying and enough to inspire some home cooking. Get it wrong and open a full, smelly, disorganised, poorly managed fridge and it's enough to turn the keenest of home cooks off. Find out what you should be storing and where in this handy infographic.

6) How to Store Food Long Term

Check out these 24 storage tips from how to eradicate odours and mold from your fridge through to more unusual ideas like storing fresh onions in unwanted stockings. 


When it comes to cooking, if you cook to much, find out what to do with the leftovers in these handy guides.

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