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The World's First Liquid Caviar

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The World's First Liquid Caviar

If there is a time of year when it's okay to spend some serious money to have fun at the table, it's Christmas. And the product that follows will surely make you succumb to temptation.

After three years of intensive research, the seafood specialist Petrossian has unveiled its Talisman®, the world's first liquid caviar!


If you're lucky enough to be able to afford it and you love pure caviar, simply served on a spoon, the Petrossian family will surprise you with their innovative liquid caviar, made only from the interiors of sturgeon eggs. The Talisman® is perfect poured sparingly on scrambled eggs, a veal tartare, on a creamy burrata or even as a sauce for French fries, as offered in the Petrossian restaurant.

The only constraint? The liquid caviar does not heat up! You can pour it on a hot dish, but never cook it. Now, it's up to you to make your imagination work.

Talisman® from Petrossian is €170 for a 95ml bottle.

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