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Lettuce Pesto Sauce, a Delicious Vegan Idea

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Lettuce Pesto Sauce, a Delicious Vegan Idea

Have you ever tried making a lettuce pesto sauce? It could be the right cooking tip to gather vegetarians and omnivores happily around the same table. Pasta with pesto is a traditional meatless dish which has always been a favourite when vegetarians and non share a meal together. But the fact that it contains parmesan does exclude vegans: the vegan pesto with lettuce and almonds is even simpler than Genoa-style pesto sauce and can be prepared in different ways, none of which contain cheese.

How to make vegan pesto with lettuce and almonds

All you have to do is wash some lettuce leaves, blend them with a little garlic, a fair amount of extra virgin olive oil and a few almonds or, if you prefer, some pistachios. The delicate flavour of lettuce and its bulky texture enable it to team up beautifully with such tasty nuts as almonds or pistachios. But why not give full vent to your imagination and try using the more traditional pine nuts, hazelnuts or peanuts.

Even kitchen herbs such as tarragon, thyme and marjoram can make an excellent contribution in terms of aroma and flavour.

Lettuce pesto sauce must be served as soon as it is made after being rapidly pan tossed with the pasta and a small amount of water in which the pasta has been boiled.

Everyone will enjoy this tasty surprise and no one will feel left out from the feast.

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