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Peru's Chefs Show You How to Make Leche de Tigre (Tiger's Milk)

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Peru's Chefs Show You How to Make Leche de Tigre (Tiger's Milk)

Tiger's Milk or the more traditionally called Leche de Tigre is a Peruvian sauce that forms the base of the sauce used in the country's most famous dish, Ceviche.

Leche de Tigre is usually made using lime juice, sliced onion, chilies, salt, pepper and of course the wonderful juices of the fish it helps to marinate. It's  sometimes served with the ceviche and sometimes in a separate glass.

It seems that every Peruvian chef, home cook and housewife has their own methods for making the perfect Leche de Tigre and, as with every dish that carries such status, every person believes their own version is the best.

Gary Stevens/Flickr

In this video direct from Peru we see a number of chefs and Lima locals discussing their own secrets for making Leche de Tigre, how some believe it helps to cure hangovers and how some are convinced that a true Leche de Tigre must be prepared by a Peruvian.

Carlos Varela/Flickr

It's a great look at the colorful country and shows just how diverse one dish in the same city can be. There's even an appearance from Virgilio Martinez who offers up his own tips for making Leche de Tigre.

Watch the tips below.

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