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How to Make Perfectly Tender Lamb Chops

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How to Make Perfectly Tender Lamb Chops

Lamb chops are a tender and succulent suppertime favourite. Perfect for those moments when a satisfying oven-ready dinner is needed, without hours of labouring in the kitchen.

Fried, roasted, bbq'd or grilled lamb chops can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the simplest hassle-free method is to cook them to perfection in the oven, until slightly pink.

How to prepare lamb chops

Preparing lamb chops is incredibly easy. Simply marinade them to your liking, allow them to come up to room temperature and take your pick of cooking method to maximise their juicy tenderness and let the flavours sing.

Here's how to marinate lamb chops:

1. Pour a generous slug of olive oil to the base of a deep oven dish along with plenty of sliced garlic.

2. Rub some sprigs of thyme and rosemary between your hands to awaken the aromatic oils and place in the bottom of the dish.

3. Place the lamb chops on top of the herbs and garlic before covering with some more olive oil.

4. Cover and place in the fridge to marinate overnight.  

How long to cook lamb chops

If you're wondering how long it will be before you have your beautifully tender lamb chops on the table - the answer is not long.

Once the chops have been marinated, allow them to come up to room temperature. Then, cook them in a shallow roasting tin for around 20 minutes depending on how pink you like the meat and how crispy you want the skin. Just turn them in the middle of the cooking time to make sure they are evenly cooked.

Lamb chop Recipes

Lamb chops lend themselves to various influences, allowing you to champion your favourite flavours.

Harness Mediterranean flavours with garlic, lemon juice and parsley and even mint and serve with roast aubergine, peppers and courgette.

Moroccan spiced lamb chops absorb those wonderful earthy warm spices like cardamon and cinnamon. Try this recipe from Food & Wine here, perfect served with couscous.

If you love spices, try Indian style spiced lamb chops championing all those characteristic spices like garam marsala, nutmeg, paprika, cumin. Learn how to make spicy chops here.

Or, keep things simpe and try FDL's simple recipe for lamb chops grilled with tomatoes, below.

Lamb chops with grilled tomatoes

Find the recipe here.

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