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Is This Korean Soup the Ultimate Hangover Cure?

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Is This Korean Soup the Ultimate Hangover Cure?
Photo Great Big Story

Everyone has a hangover cure they swear by, but should you find yourself in Seoul, South Korea, under a cloud, you'd be wise to head to the Cheong Jin Ok restaurant for a haejangguk Korean soup to banish the booze hounds.

This famous Korean soup is made from a rich beef broth of meat and offal, cabbage, rice, congealed cow’s blood and soy, and will kick your hangover into touch in no time. The restaurant, which has been run by the same family since 1937, is the place to try it – watch how it’s made in the video from Great Big Story below.

Then, if you’re still in need of head clearing inspiration, take a look at this infographic of 100 hangover cures from around the world. And if they don’t work, well, just crawl back into bed, because this one isn’t going anywhere fast.

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