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Knife Skills: How to Cut Herbs

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Knife Skills: How to Cut Herbs
Photo Serious Eats

Here's a simple, but useful video from Serious Eats showing how to cut herbs, demonstrating three of the basic knife skills you need, namely the slice, the chiffonade and the rock chop. 

Probably the most important thing here is getting your finger positions right, both on the hand holding the knife and the one holding the herbs. This is the best way to avoid accidents and also make your cutting more efficient, and if you're a home cook, allowing you to show off a little. 

You may already have these knife skills mastered, but there's never any harm in brushing up on your knife skills. 

Take a look at this guide to 10 cooking herbs and how to use them, and in no time you'll be making fragrant, herby dishes with little fuss. 

This is the perfect kitchen tip for leftover herbs


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