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8 Essential Knife Charts to Sharpen Your Skills

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8 Essential Knife Charts to Sharpen Your Skills

Most chefs will tell you that their knives are their most valued kitchen tool, but getting it right at home isn't always so easy. Finding the most comfortable knife for you, using it correctly and looking after it are all essential kitchen skills if you’re going to going to achieve maximum results with minimum effort in the kitchen.

We've collated eight knife skills and essentials that will bring you up to speed and have you slicing like a chef before you can say chiffonade. Have a look below and increase your knife knowldege.

1) Know Your Knives

You probably have your favourite knife, but how many of these 20 knives shown in the infographic do you actually own or use correctly? Fill in the gaps with this infographic which lists all kinds of knives, from salmon right through to a peeler, along with what to use them for and how to use them.

2) Hone in Your Knife Skills

Learn to peel, slice, julienne, chiffonade, dice, mince and brunois with the right blade and correct knife technique in this awesome infographic which covers all the basic knife essentials.

3)Sharpen up your Knife Knowledge

We're all guilty of picking up the incorrect knife for the job at some point in the kitchen making a simple job more arduous than it need be. Test our your knife knowledge with this handy infographic of 21 knives and what to use them for and make your life easier in the kitchen.

4) Knife Skills

Chefs wield their knives so effortlessly and with such fluidity that their high speed dicing knife action can seem like an extension of their arm. With a few basic tips laid out in this useful infographic below and a little practice even the most amateur of cooks will be able to hone in their knife skills and impress guests with their technique.

5) Knife Sharpening

Once you have your beautiful new knife and have perfected your technique, the key to succesful ongoing slicing is blade maintenance. This clear tutorial from ChefSteps show's you how to sharpen your blade. Click here for more from ChefSteps on how to select and store your chef knife.

Lesson breakdown on how to sharpen knives

6) Supreme Knife Skills in Action

If you want to benchmark your knife skills, check out this Japanese chefs supreme knife skills who shows you just what's possible with years of practice, some precision cutting and a cucumber.

7) What makes a great kitchen knife?

Tomer Botner is the knife maker behind Florentine Kitchen Knives hand making beaufitful and highly sought after knives where thought and detail has gone into every element. Find out more from him about what makes a good knife and just what makes his knives are so awesome.

8) Knife Accessories

Looking for a Christmas present to remind you of your new found knife skills? Take a look at this knife poster which you can hang on your kitchen wall, or if you're short of a sharpener this is a great 2 in 1 option, the knife sharpening cutting board.

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