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5 Modern Kitchen Tools That Could Change Your Life

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5 Modern Kitchen Tools That Could Change Your Life
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When it comes to kitchen tools, there's no need to clutter your space with unnecessary gadgets. All you need are some essential tools to help you multitask and be on top of your game in the kitchen. Here are some amazing kitchen tools that could truly change your life and make cooking easier:

1. The Food Drill

The Twirl is a heavy-duty kitchen tool that can perform tasks usually reserved for a stand mixer like kneading, creaming and whipping. Its ergonomic design is easy on your wrists.

2. Stainless Steel Soap

Do you hate peeling garlic because you dread smelling like it hours later? Those days are over thanks to this lovely stainless steel chef soap from Alessi designed to kick stinky garlic hands to the curb.

3. The 2-in-1 Whisk

Here's a handy kitchen tool that will save you some space in the cupboards. This cool egg separator called Whisk' will make tasks like making an omelette and whipping egg whites a breeze.

4. Drawer Decor 

You'll finally be able to organize your drawers in style with these colorful non-slip mats. They are a great way to liven up your drawers and prevent your kitchen tools from gliding all over the place.

5. Food Huggers

Don't waste an ounce of leftover produce ever again! These silicone pads wrap over fruit and vegetables that have been cut open. This way food will last longer in your fridge sans plastic wrap.

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