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Eggs Cooking: the Top 3 Kitchen Utensils

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Eggs Cooking: the Top 3 Kitchen Utensils

There are several egg-specific kitchen tools and utensils on the market.

Here are three worth looking for:

This device features niches into which you can place eggs and water. Once closed, the device reaches a set temperature and maintains it for the desired time. Obviously, we ourselves decide between hard and soft-boiled. They actually work very well, and it’s a great device to keep your stovetop free for other concoctions. The cost may vary between 15 and 30 dollars.

This is quite an odd little accessory, whose purpose is to break the shell and allow the egg to slide into a mixing bowl without any unwanted pieces. It looks like a pair of tongs, but it ensures a shell-less preparation. It’s also perfect for peeling hard-boiled eggs faster. It can cost between 8 and 10 dollars.

An essential instrument for making air-bubble rich mayonnaise and zabaione, which makes them both light and voluminous. There are different kinds: if you can, choose an electric model with adjustable speeds. The accessories are also important, and it’s hard to find them sold separately so choose a model that includes several. A good one will run you about 70 dollars.

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