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6 Kitchen Tools and When to Replace Them

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6 Kitchen Tools and When to Replace Them
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Food expiration dates can be confusing, but what about the longevity of kitchen tools? Yes that’s right, certain kitchen tools do have expiration dates of sorts – not just when they fall apart.

Pure Wow have compiled a list of six common kitchen tools and their average longevity, as well as pro tips on how to lengthen their lifespans. The overriding reason for replacing tired kitchen equipment is the risk of food poisoning.

See the list below and read more here. Some of us have quite an emotional attachment to our cooking equipment, but perhaps it’s time to replace that old blender, even if it does still work?

Six kitchen tools and when to replace them

1. Wooden spoons – every five years, or when they become cracked, discoloured or soft in places.

2. Rubber spatulas – every two years, or if they are deeply scratched, melted or stained.

3. Paring knives – every two years, or when they rust or can no longer be sharpened.

4. Non–stick cookware – every two to three years, or when there are visible scratches and marks, or they are noticeably less non-stick.

5. Plastic chopping boards – every three years, or when they have deep knife marks.

6. Blenders – when you drop it or submerge the base in water. Also, replace the blades when dull.

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