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Kitchen Superstition: the Meaning of Chili Pepper

By FDL on

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Kitchen Superstition: the Meaning of Chili Pepper

Every Saturday morning, Indian Hindu families perform a ritual thought to bring them luck: they take 7 green chilies and a lemon and string them all together to form a kind of pendant. This little vegetable ornament is then hung in a safe part of the house, usually under the table, and is left there until the following Saturday, when it is burnt and substituted with a new one.

Hindus believe that this device drives bad spirits out of the house. Considered the ‘demon’s spice’ in southern Italy, however, here it is used for personal protection, or to protect your car or your house from the evil eye and gossipers. Just hang a fresh string of chilies in the house, at the door or on the balcony, or perhaps carry a plastic ‘horn’, which looks like a chili, in your pocket as a lucky charm.

And for the superstitious geek there's also the spicy chili pepper Usb memory stick (click here or here).

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