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4th of July Drinks: 20 Top Drink Recipes for Independence Day

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4th of July Drinks: 20 Top Drink Recipes for Independence Day

Independence Day is just around the corner! It’s getting hot out there, so you’re going to need some drinks to match whatever you are planning to grill, cook or assemble for your 4th of July party. Don’t let your guests go thirsty, make sure you have plenty of tasty beverages to keep everyone chill. 

From fresh, fruity punches, delicious no alcohol fizzy drinks, to classic cocktails, here are our favourite drink recipes for entertaining on 4th of July. Plus, for those of you who consider themselves somewhat a mixologist, we’ve thrown in a couple of fancy cocktail recipes from elBulli and The Aviary - and yes, they involve spherified olives and liquid nitrogen so get your molecular gastronomy tools in order and let's do this. 

Get your drinking pants on with these 20 drink recipes for Independence Day.


Party Cocktails

1. Red Sangria

Red sangria recipe

Make this red sangria in bulk and keep it chilled in the fridge. The flavours get better with time anyway! All you need is some red wine, brandy, curaçao plus some fresh fruit. Easily substitute any other stone fruit for the peaches in the recipe. 


2. Melon Punch with Lemon Balm

Melon punch

What's better than a fruity punch to get everybody in the party mood? This melon punch recipe makes an easy refreshing alcoholic drink perfect for any summer party. 


3. Pink Punch with Grapefruit

Pink punch

This pink-tinted punch gets its colour and that not-too-sweet flavour from fresh grapefruit. It is invigorating, light and non-alcoholic - unless of course you want to spike it with some white wine. Your choice. 


4. Mint Julep

Mint julep

For bourbon lovers: add a touch of summer to your bourbon by turning it into a classic mint julep cocktail. All you need are three ingredients - mint, sugar, and bourbon. 


5. Margarita on the Rocks


Who doesn't like a margarita? Shake up a classic margarita cocktail for your adult guests with just tequila, lime, orange liqueur and salt. 


6. Cucumber Margarita

cucumber margarita

Once you've mastered the classic margarita, you can move on to this twist with cucumber. Fresh cucumbers are a welcome addition to the salty, citrusy cocktail. 


7. Apple Punch with Rhubarb and Redcurrants

Apple punch with rhubarb and redcurrant

A great recipe for the crowd on July 4, this punch is a refreshing mix of champagne, rhubarb, redcurrant, apple and fragrant rosemary. 


8. Gin Cocktail with Mango and Berry Nectar

Gin cocktail with mango and berry

If you are after something special to impress your Independence Day party guests, try this summer cocktail called ‘Revel,’ created by Italian bartender Francesco Pierluigi at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Milan. 


9. Christian Louboutin Inspired Red Cocktail

red cocktail

Grey Goose Le Citron vodka, lemon, raspberries, cherry juice, goji liqueur: get the girls excited with this redder than red drink that will match their Louboutins. 


Alcoholic Dessert Ideas

10. Lime and Vodka Granita

lime vodka granita

The perfect way to end a day of grilling, try this very cool granita recipe for grownups. Citrusy granita with vodka granita is actually a very popular dessert in Italy after a fish-focused meal, give it a go at your fancy 4th of July barbecue!


11. Blood Orange and Prosecco Jelly

Blood orange and prosecco jelly

A Mimosa cocktail is transformed into a dangerously delicious jelly. Top it off with freshly whipped cream to get the perfect balance between indulgent and naughty. 


Easy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

12. Strawberry Lemonade with Basil

Strawberry lemonade with basil

The markets are bursting with fresh strawberries right now so make the most of them by crushing them all into this strawberry lemonade. Don't forget the fresh basil, it's the perfect herb-fruit pairing that will make this simple lemonade extra special. 


13. Mango and Beetroot Juice

Mango and beetroot juice

Healthy and refreshing, this recipe for mango and beetroot juice uses coconut water for extra hydration and agave nectar, to keep the refined sugar away. Make it for your Independence Day gathering and score brownie points for looking after your guests' wellbeing. 


14. Peach-Apricot Lemonade

peach and apricot lemonade

A super simple and delicious twist on lemonade. This peach-apricot lemonade takes no time to bring together so you have more time to get away. 


15. Apple and Ginger Lemonade

apple and ginger lemonade

Blended fresh green apples mixed with sharp ginger ale and lemonade is just the solution for beating the heat. Plus it's super healthy too. 


16. Mexican Horchata

Mexican Horchata

Mexican horchata is a cool, comforting drink made of rice, cinnamon, sugar, and water. It almost tastes like dessert too. Perfect to wash down any spicy foods at your Mexican-themed 4th of July bash.


17. Iced Tea with Lime and Peppermint

iced tea with lime and peppermint

This is an iced tea that's citrusy-fresh and fit for a party. Spiking with icy cold vodka optional and strictly for adults only. 


18. Citrus and Berry Punch

citrus and berry punch recipe

Get this non-alcoholic, iced tea recipe that is so much better than store-bought. Black tea is flavoured with orange juice, passion fruit, raspberries and a bit of tonic for that sparkly fizz. 


Lastly, for the Advanced Mixologists

19. The Green Thumb

Aviary Green Thumb Cocktail

For fans of Alinea and The Aviary by Michelin starred chef Grant Achatz. Here's a special recipe of the popular drink called The Green Thumb from The Aviary Cocktail Book. You're going to want to clear out your schedule for this one because of the intensive prep involved, but the results will definitely make you the star host of the year.


20. ElBulli Martini Cocktail

elBulli Martini Cocktail

From chef Paco Roncero of the legendary elBulli restaurant, a martini recipe with a molecular gastronomy twist. Of course, there is a spherified green olive!


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