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Stop Throwing Juice Pulp in The Bin

By FDL on

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Stop Throwing Juice Pulp in The Bin

If you’re anything ike us in the kitchen then you’ll also hate it when you have to throw food away, we’re constantly looking for ways to reuse waste ingredients and this video from Chowhound offers up a nice idea.

The video offers up three great suggestions on what you can do with vegetable pulp when you’ve finished juicing.

Rather than throw the pulp in the trash or even into the compost pile, this video shows you how to use the usually discarded ingredient to make stock, crackers and even a tasty spread.

If you’re always looking to reduce the waste in your kitchen and like to explore interesting flavour combinations in the kitchen, have a play with your pulp and use this video as a simple starting point.

  • kuu said on

    I loved the idea of the crackers! I was just wondering if the temperature of the oven was 350 Fahrenheit degrees or Celsius degrees?

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