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Joselito Gourmet Ham from Spain

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Joselito Gourmet Ham from Spain

The first hams produced by Joselito’s house dates from the 19th century, and not much has changed in the artisan process of ham-making since then. At Joselito’s farm, managed by José Gómez (in the picture with chef Ferran Adrià), the Iberian pigs grow free with a lot of space, and though the company treasures the traditional approach, there is a lot of research constantly improving curing and storing methods.

The production is 100% natural, and the curing process takes place in an utterly unique way – in underground cellars with controlled temperatures between 14 – 18°C and humidity kept between 60% – 80%.
The company is also committed to environmental projects in the area, and plants more than 70,000 trees each year.

The Jamón Gran Reserva has been praised by the best chefs in the world as an incomparable ham, but its perfect state can only be achieved by curing it at least 36 months.

At Gastronomika 2011, Joselito was the star product, with a VIP area where chefs, journalists and gourmets were able to taste the differently-cured meats, and to talk to experts from the Joselito house. FDL tasted the Joselito collection, including the Jamon Gran Reserva – a masterpiece of artisan work indeed!

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