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Jordan Wines: Top Five Saint George's Wines

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Jordan Wines: Top Five Saint George's Wines
Photo Omar Zumot

Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir? Here is five of the best wines produced in Jordan.

They are made from grape varieties that you might usually associate with Europe or the New World. But Saint George's wines unique Jordanian location imbues them with characteristics and personalties all of their own. Here’s five of the best.

Sauvignon Blanc Winemaker’s Selection
A smokey white wine with hints of nuttiness, minerals and lots of fruits. It has acidity like grapefruit, with a slight bitterness at the end. «Here’s the soil effect,» says Omar Zumot. «Jordan’s bedrock is around 200 million years old. The volcanos gave us basalt with the lava. Rich soil. The roots have to dig deep.»

Chardonnay Winemaker’s Selection
With a rich golden colour, this complex yet well-balanced wine offers delicate hints of fruit, rather than a full-on flavour. There are traces of vanilla and white apricot, before finishing with a suggestion of green olives.

Classic Rosé Shiraz
With an attractive blush of salmon pink, this slowly fermented Rosé offers hints of strawberry, raspberry and ripe banana. «It’s fruity, crisp and long,» says Zumot. «At the end you have this toffeeish, buttery flavour.»

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Bold, dark and mature, this Cabernet Sauvignon resounds with fruity aromas of blackberries, cherry and vanilla, with hints of liquorice and fresh wild herbs.

Classic Pinot Noir
«Everybody said it would never work in Jordan, everybody said I am crazy,» says Zumot, «but this is the first one ever to get us a gold medal for Jordanian wine.» This deep red wine beguiles with aromas of ripe plums, and wild cherries before revealing a silky tanins and a leathery flavour on the palate.

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