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Bring A Bit Of Jamaica To Your Plate With Bbq Jerk Chicken

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Bring A Bit Of Jamaica To Your Plate With Bbq Jerk Chicken
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If spring showers have damped your spirits, add a little kick to your day with this fiery chicken barbecue recipe from Jamaica. The island is known for its spicy barbecue jerk chicken and now you can make it at home.

Jerk, a marinade that is made with scoth bonnet peppers (notorius for its scorching heat), is Jamaica's trademark. The recipe makes use of allspice, which is indigenous to the island. Combined with ginger, garlic, cinnamon and even beer, this jerk barbecue chicken recipe is something extraordinary.

Serve your spicy jerk barbecue chicken with a side of salsa and marinated beets. If hosting a tapas party, pair small bites of jerk chicken with these crispy potato croquettes. Don't forget the beer!

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    For authentic jerk cooking you need to use pimento wood - I only found 1 place that has it - the leaves are important too for smoking

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