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Chinese Mooncakes also Come in Jelly Form

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Chinese Mooncakes also Come in Jelly Form

Chinese mooncakes are a symbolic cake enjoyed during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This year's celebration falls on 15 September, so there's enough time to hone your skills and perfect your Jelly mooncake ahead of the event.

Enjoyed for over 3000 years, mooncakes vary depending on the region in China in which they are made, as well as the recipe. Traditional mooncakes are round pastries filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, often with a salted duck egg centre.

We've already shared a great traditional Chinese mooncake recipe with you: now we bring you an alternative, the unbaked Jelly mooncake.

How to make jelly mooncake recipe

Essentially a jelly version of the traditional cake,  Jelly mooncakes are a refreshing dessert and best served chilled. Jelly mooncakes are made with agar jelly, making them suitable for vegetarians too (depending on filling choice).

We headed over to Doris Choo at Sumptuous Flavours for some jelly mooncake recipes and picked up on her infectious enthusiasm for the symbolic sweet. While the number of ingredients and steps can seem overwhelming, she manages to convince her audience that the spectacular results are worth it, from her family favourite Cendol jelly mooncake recipe, to the fragrant honey dew melon jelly mooncake; she has even thought of all you coffee lovers out there with the cappuccino cheese jelly mooncake. We think you'll agree the results are quite striking with the range of vibrant colours, the patterns and the colourful centre.

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