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Jelly Art: A look to a jelly future

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Jelly Art: A look to a jelly future
Photo Beth Evans / Future Space Magazine

How does obe transform kitchen utensils into an astounding sensorial experience? Just invite Bompas & Parr. For the event, “A Culinary Odyssey”, which took place a few days ago in London and was created for KitchenAid, the duo staged a science-fiction scene inspired by late director Stanley Kubric, where high-tech cooking appliances projected viewers into the future of food.

“We thought, this is interesting…what happens if we start taking this idea for food, looking at the past to learn and create the food of the future. That’s where we started and we’ve been having fun ever since!” said Bompas & Parr. 

Using films and books from the 20th Century for inspiration, they managed to create an experience that left visitors amazed. Telling guests: “Many science fiction authors and film directors invest considerable energy imagining the food of the future and their predictions offer areas for culinary speculation and innovation.”

Andrew Stellitano created a futuristic menu featuring levitating food, a rum cola cloud chamber and cricket pasta. The best part, according to many of the bloggers present was The bio-luminescent lollipops, which contained “firefly dust”, enjoyed in a darkened tent. Once licked, the luminous effect was transferred to the eaters’ tongues, for a truly fantastic show.

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