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Japanese Milk Bread: The Fluffiest and Lightest Loaf Ever

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Japanese Milk Bread: The Fluffiest and Lightest Loaf Ever

Have you ever tried Japanese milk bread? The softest and lightest bread with the fluffiest crumb that tears apart like cotton wool!

Japanese milk bread, also known as Hokkaido milk bread is so soft and feathery it might seem like a mystery as to how it's made. Well, it's all thanks to a very simple secret ingredient!

It's an ingredient called Tang zhong, a paste like a roux, made of cooked flour and water which was developed in the 20th century in Japan. The gelatinised starch withholds more moisture, making the bread even softer and fluffier.

Other ingredients in the bread mix include bread flour, water, yeast, egg, milk powder, sugar, butter and salt.

How to Eat Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese milk bread's pillowy soft crumb tastes slightly sweet and buttery and can be shaped into loaves, coils or buns and enjoyed for both sweet or savoury moments.

Eaten for breakfast with strawberry jam or sprinkled cinnamon sugar, as sandwiches for lunch wrapped around ham and mustard or even ice cream, or as a dinner roll with a lick of garlic butter, the choice is yours! Hungry? Learn how to make this easy bread at home.

How do you make Japanese Milk Bread?

Discover how to make this lofty light bread in the video below:


Try making Japanese Milk bread into Dinner Rolls with a lick of garlic butter on top in this easy to follow clip:

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