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42 Japanese Dishes You Might Not Have Tried

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42 Japanese Dishes You Might Not Have Tried

We're big fans of the Japanese Foodie blog and their illustrated guides to Japanese dishes – they're well designed and well informed; previously we've featured their guides to types of ramen, egg dishes and Japanese snacks.

Their latest creation, below, features 42 different Japanese dishes you might not have tried, each, more or less, from a different city in Japan. There are those you probably have sampled, such as gyoza and ramen, but also delicacies such as suppon nabe, a soft shell turtle hotpot from Hamamatsu and a dish of fried maple leaves from Minoo called Mijini no Tenpura.

As ever, these guides are available in poster form too, over on Kickstarter. So if you consider yourself a Japanese food fanatic, this will make a great checklist of delicacies to try. 

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