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Jamie Oliver's Trick For Making Bacon Bits

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Jamie Oliver's Trick For Making Bacon Bits
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How To Make Bacon Bits Like Jamie Oliver

They are crunchy, salty and perfect on just about anything, from fresh crisp salads to loaded baked potatoes. We're talking about good ol' bacon bits. If you happen to love bacon as much as we do then take a look at this easy and delicious recipe for bacon bits from beloved British chef Jamie Oliver.

Oliver puts his own spin on the tasty bits and makes them using two ingredients: bacon (of course) and bread crumbs. Yes, really! Now, the trick is in mixing these two ingredients at a certain time and cooking them just right to get the utterly delicious bacon bits that are way better than the store bought kind.

If you wanted to make gluten-free bacon bits you could use gluten-free breadcrumbs but the flavor might change a bit. Take a look and see how it's done:


We bet those freshly made bacon bits would be killer over this dandelion salad with cubed cheese and tomatoes:

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